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Ci.Nova, company of the Busnelli group, is a leader manufacturer in the field of Italian design furniture and home furniture. It is well-known for its beds and mattresses. All Ci.Nova products are made according to the highest quality standards. The Taylor bed, Windsor bed and Gisele bed are very popular. Ci.Nova interpret the bedroom as somewhere for relaxation, harmony, beauty and soft, luxurious textures to transform the bedroom as an oasis of wellness. All Ci.Nova designs and accessories are "Made In Italy".

Ci.Nova beds and night systems are made to the highest quality and comfort. Ci.Nova pay utmost attention to the quality of materials, to the productive aspect selecting only the best raw materials and fabrics from the best Italian producers and using only European first choice leathers. Working with high profile Italian and European designers, Ci.Nova produce a collection of beds that feature contemporary and classic, timeless designs offering a number of sophisticated choices for a casual or formal lifestyle.

Bohémien bed is created by Ci.Nova with a classic design. Available in several sizes, it comes with a padded headboard. The headboard can be upholstered in leather or in fabric. The bed can be fitted with a storage to meet any need of furnishing. Thanks to its soft and sinuous lines and to its traditional look, Bohémien bed perfectly suits to elegant and refined settings. Missouri is a sofa bed created by Ci.Nova. It comes with a simple design marked by essential and regular lines. Thanks to its extracting frame which gives it a versatile soul, the sofa easily turns into a bed. The covering of the sofa is fully removable. Missouri perfectly suits to any kind of setting. Thanks to its modest and inconspicuous look, it can meet any need of furnishing. Sedona is a double bed produced by Ci.Nova. It stands out for the soft feather padded headboard. Its external parts can be closed to create a wrapping shape. The bed is available in several colors and also in the version with storage. Sedona has been created and designed for relaxation and total abandon. Its fluffy lines give it a cozy look. Thanks to this feature, it can easily enhance any kind of setting. 7seconds is a sofa bed created by Ci.Nova which comes with a rigorous design marked by essential and defined lines. Thanks to the extracting frame it is fitted with, it can easily turns into a bed. The feather padding of the backrest cushions makes the sofa really comfortable. With its modest and inconspicuo us look, 7seconds sofa bed perfectly suits to any kind of setting.

All Ci.Nova collections are designed to offer and guarantee products of excellence that meet all needs. Each new collection is characterized by careful research, the result of an passionate experience put at the service of the customer. Elegance and functionality are fundamental features of Ci.Nova.

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