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In 1969 Mario Melocchi and the architect and designer Franco Bettonica together founded the company as a vehicle for accessing the market directly with their ideas. At the beginning Cini&Nils proposes different objects, many of them have been acquired by MoMA, New York.

In 1972 they design the Cuboluce, the link in the chain between decor accessories and light fittings, the forebear of a new generation of products that first saw the light of day in 1982 with the Aureola Collection, the first fittings to take the Cini&Nils name into the lighting market.

With a reputation for products that have written the history of lighting, Cini&Nils is now a byword for quality, research, design and Made in Italy. Cini&Nils intends to consolidate its position as a benchmark for high-end decorative and technical lighting.

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