C&G di Cicognini Tiziana Italy Lead time 80 days

The Cicognini Antonio company was estabilished in 1967 being responsible for manufacturing to relief on behalf of a third party prints. Since 1989 the activity has been continued with the daughter who has increased the new company's interests with a own catalogue costantly up-to-date. Since 1995 the company has supported the production of ready made frames to complete the provision of comprehensive frameworks to meet the demand of customers such as hotels, farmhouses, restaurants, bars and other large communities.

C&G di Cicognini Tiziana's catalogues include different types of reproductions: the company is mainly responsible for repainted art replies to relief which make them seem perfect original paintings. They also have a wide range of graphics: antique and modern prints, impressionist, contemporary and exotic. Furthermore, their frames can be considered as "pieces of art". A beautiful frame is a value added for any picture.

For a few years C&G di Cicognini Tiziana's activity has been also turned to the hotel sector. The print offer includes a wide variety of subjects, they produce relief prints with subjects proposed by the customer, who can also choose the picture frame between the models in production, creating in every environment the right balance between elegance and style. Always in the context of hotel supplies and refreshment, they have mirrors custom-made and on sample, according to the many artistic solutions and to safety regulation.

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