Catellani and Smith Italy Lead time 60 days

1989 was the year of the lighting factory Catellani & Smith's founding with their office in Villa di Serio, close to Bergamo, Italy. Their self-proclaimed task was the production of creative designer lamps and until today they have stayed true to their calling.

The lamps Castellani & Smith possess in themselves the character of mobility and perpetual motion, and in this, resemble the story of an idea. The use of poor and easily handled materials has helped the designers to achieve their target , and especially, the use of flexible elements , with a heart of metal coil spring , are well adapted to the philosophy of Catellani & Smith, given that lend themselves to being bent and being stopped every time in different locations. Comfortable , ideals solutions that are able to fit the needs of all.

Every single Catellani & Smith lamp is as individual as can be. Catellani & Smith products are manufactured in detail by hand and there is always only a limited number of design objects. This also makes the lighting objects by Catellani & Smith so highly coveted.

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