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Company Linea & Casa+39 Srl was born in 1997, revealing from the very first steps its natural tendency for internationality. The business started with modern bedrooms commercialization, at first on European markets but soon achieving also ex-Ussr area. The great flexibility, the ability to understand international markets’ exigencies and the constancy of the service to the customer soon attract Linea & Casa+39 Srl to its best vocation: the Contract furniture supplies. This way, a new path begins, bringing the company to a rapid expansion.

The bedrooms production was then developed in parallel with turnkey projects and realizations for hotels, houses, offices, beauty centers, showrooms, etc. Following market trends, in 2009 the company released its most recent brand named Casa+39 and successfully launched on the market a brand new line for classic furniture, which immediately won over both established and newer customers thanks to the elegant and clean lines of its items and overall thanks to the highly competitive prices.

The name Casa+39 represents a clear and identifiable reference to their Country: +39 is the international telephone code for Italy. The brand logo also include the colours of the Italians: they wanted to let everybody know that everything they ncreate is 100% Made in Italy. Only top quality materials are chosen for their collections: solid Italian wood for all structures, frames, consoles and carved beds; Cherry veneer, ash burl, real gold and silver leaf for finishings, handmade decorations on lacquered coatings, all painted and varnished with non-toxic products.

Expo fairs participations, meetings with acquired or potential customers, accreditation by the most important local authorities, space reservation in dedicated showrooms, contacts with reliable and well-introduced agents and brokers, visa attainment procedures, services for accompanying and introduction to the new markets: development and insertion of new companies and/or new products became by now a side profession to they, which services are more and more required by companies from all over Europe. Casa+39 is a modern company , forward-looking but with a solid base in tradition. It is a reality which aims to combine the modern age requirements with the past style.

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