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The English brand Buster and Punch are originally from London, it is world-famous and at the forefront of creating stylish, brutal, and very charismatic design items in the style of Loft and Industrial.

The history of the Buster + Punch factory began in 2013 in an East London garage. Immediately, Buster and Punch products began to transform the world of interior design, because Buster + Punch was inspired by fashion, music, sub-culture, collaborated with street artists, bicycle makers, musicians and fashion designers in order to invest parts of their worlds in their products.

“I started Buster + Punch for the simple reason that no one else in the world was doing what I wanted to do,” said Massimo Buster Minale, founder of Buster + Punch.

Luminaires from Buster + Punch are represented by all types of luminaires: pendants, chandeliers, sconces, table lamps, and light sources in the now popular loft or industrial style.

Wiring accessories Buster + Punch are represented by toggle switches, dimers, various sockets.

Buster + Punch creates fashionable and elegant home furnishings and accessories, furniture fittings and stylish motorcycles.

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