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Zumtobel is a leading international supplier of integral lighting solutions that enable people to experience the interplay of light and architecture. As a leader in innovation, the luminaire manufacturer provides a comprehensive range of high-quality luminaires and lighting management systems for the most varied application areas of professional interior lighting – including offices and educational facilities, presentation and retail, hotels and wellness, health and care, art and culture as well as industry and engineering. Zumtobel is a brand of Zumtobel AG with its head office in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg (Austria).

For over 60 years, the Zumtobel brand has been synonymous with innovation, unique product and service quality and superior design. The brand has always been underpinned by knowledge of lighting and a profound understanding of its effects on people. Aspiring to create the best light for people and the environment, Zumtobel provides customised solutions featuring measurable added value.

For Zumtobel, using resources responsibly starts with­in the company – and is brought to perfection in energy-efficient customer projects. While environ­mental product declarations (EPD) are provided for every product, Zumtobel awards the eco+ label to especially sustainable products only.

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