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The Zanette factory was established in 1962. The main specialization of the Zanette factory (Tomasella Group) is the design and production of furniture sets and individual interior decoration items, made in a modern style. The model range of the Zanette factory is furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, offices and other premises for various purposes. The assortment of the factory includes beds, bedside groups and wardrobes with various fillings, multifunctional partitions and many other pieces of furniture that fill the surrounding space with special emotion.

Furniture of the Zanette factory is distinguished by exclusive and modern designs, the quality of the materials used and a wide selection of models. The functionality and versatility of Zanette furniture will surprise and delight any interior designer: each composition can be designed taking into account the individual requirements of the customer. The creative contribution of the designers is reflected in the lightness of the surrounding atmosphere, soft colors and highly skilled workers.

Furniture from the Zanette factory is the choice of those who closely follow the latest trends in the field of furniture design, and also prefer to surround themselves with only the most modern and stylish interior design elements. Zanette furniture is perfect for a modern city apartment owned by a modern person who prefers to lead an active and dynamic lifestyle.

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