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It came as a surprise to professionals and the general public when in the spring of 2013, at the Milan Furniture Showroom, the Frigerio Divani e Poltrone factory presented a new brand Vittoria Frigerio - a radically new approach to the development of its range. A fusion of styles, impeccable quality, fashion and design are organically intertwined in the new haute couture of Vittoria Frigerio furniture.

Vittoria Frigerio is a family business specialized in upholstery production. It is a company in wich constant innovation, artisan handcrafted production methods and the finest materials characterize finished products.

Vittoria Frigerio concentrates significant resources to the research, and testing of more durable and more resistant materials, and in anticipation of trends. The end result, a very personal collection which integrates form with function, modern design with classical elements and which includes armchairs, modular sofa systems, dining chairs, small tables and accessories for the mostdemanding consumers of the contemporary lifestyle.Meticulously precise stitching, carefully selected exquisite fabrics, leather, stone and metal form a collection of sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables and furnishings that fits perfectly into the modern urban environment as well as classic interiors. What is also important for the consumer, whether it is a private client or an organization: you never get tired of the Vittoria Frigerio style, it is not influenced by time and in an incomprehensible way, as if by chance it makes you look at yourself in a new way from time to time.

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