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Vismara Design was founded in 1992 in Seveso, Lombardy, Italy. The production and executive facilities are located in the lombardy region, seveso, in the centre of one of the most productive european industrial area.

Vismara furniture are the result of a keen cooperation between designers and skilled craftsmen: a combination of technologies and "hand-made", that is able to grant a reliable and unique products.

A prominent, new element enhances the Vismara Design collection, this is Star Gate; a rack for home theatre. Innovative thanks to it's round shape, which is presented in all styles and with a great choice of finishes.

Accessories such as vases and flower pots allow a complete living milieu, meeting both the needs of space and style with such a wide and specialist collection. Vismara Design is now regarded as the undisputed leader in this specific field.

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