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Vesoi starts with the glassworks for lighting (vesoi - acronym of glassworks blown for lighting), was founded in 1981 continuing a family tradition of glass-making. Passion and intuition the bases for the production of Vesoi first lamp, the source to the center of the project becomes distinctive characteristic in the products of industrial series as in the least series, expression of tall craftsmanship.

Creative and interpretative skills made Vesoi a prime reference for the "made in italy" in the world of lighting design. "Just for you" is the best interpretation of the philosophy of personalization and attention to detail typical of the brand, an exclusive service provided by the versatile components at the base of Vesoi products allows to offer unique solutions.

The intuition, choosing to produce in aware way in the respect of the environment, also using material traditional constantly adjourned with technical competence and irony (should never miss) giving objects life, answering to the needs of the contemporary lifestyle.

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