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Italian manufacturer Verdesign produces living room furniture in a modern style. This is a "family" business of the Verardo family, the current head of the company is Gianni Verardo, who is actively involved not only in the financial management of the company, but also in the production processes. Verdesign successfully operates through established individual relationships with material suppliers such as the Swedish ELMO factory. Materials from ELMO (genuine leather) are used by many well-known brands.

The features of the Verdesign factory are an exclusive design from prestigious Italian architects, a wide selection of hand-made products, designed for relaxation and life, perfectly fitting into the home interior. Furniture of the Verdesign brand is armchairs, sofas, tables and coffee tables. The main direction of the collections is modern style.

Verdesign furniture will emphasize your status and create a unique cosiness in the house.

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