Venetia Studium® and Fortuny® are two faces of a single coin, two names coming together in an extraordinary cultural project reviving the elegance of early 20th century tastes in the design of lamps. Fortuny® lamps are produced exclusively by Venetia Studium, the only company in the world entitled to use the trademark.

Sophistication, refined techniques, a high quality finish and attention to detail are the distinctive features of each original lamp bearing the Fortuny® trademark.

A veritable jewel casket where precious things are kept and guarded, Venetia Studium's activities range from the exclusive production of the original Fortuny® lamps to the creation of a vast range of interior design items such as cushions, tapestries, table runners and clothing accessories.

Silk Fortuny® Lamps – The lightness of the opaline silk, the refined decoration and the balance of the silhouettes merge together, creating true sculptures of light. Perpetuating the tradition, Venetia Studium continues to produce these wonderful lamps.

Glass Fortuny® Lamps – In the glass range of the Fortuny ® lamps, Venetia Studium continues the centuries-old tradition of the Venetian master glass blowers, while retaining the elegance and originality of the shapes found in the silk version. The brilliance and transparency of the glass enhance the delicate gold decoration, made even more precious by the burnished metal of the decorative metal ring.

Venetia Studium Textile collection – The whole collection of pleated silk and silk damask velvet has been handcrafted strictly according to traditions. It includes a vast range of household textiles – cushions, tapestries, table runners, curtains – and clothing accessories.

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