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Valencia Rattan, was established in Vallada (Valencia, Spain) in a hot month of August 1991 as a simple project in which enterprising people who will always be in the memory and soul of this company. Distribution of the products is managed through its professional commercial network, both to the national market and to the different countries around the world, guaranteeing excellent service to customers, this being one of the main business values. The presence of Valencia Rattan for years in different fairs, has allowed the company to adapt at all times to the needs of each market.

Rattan whose sciеntific name is "Calamus Indian" (Malay rotate) is the nickname for at least six hundred botanical species of palms Calameae tribe, native to tropical regions of Africa, Asia, Australia. Rattan is a lightweight material with long, flexible fibers, almost impossible to break. It is a yet delicate, light and versatile resistant fiber, allowing designs to suit any requirement. The rattan is widely used for making furniture. Valencia Rattan offer a variety of enduring in time and timeless elegance and seriousness that characterizes their items in this catalog. From lamps to occasional furniture in different finishes, shapes and materials to accommodate all styles, tastes and personalities.

SOUNDS is the new outdoor and indoor furniture catalog from Valencia Rattan. Company wanted to present this new project as if it were music, with different styles, shapes, parts, etc... for different customers needs. The outdoor collection is made up: Folk, Samba, Swing and Blues – collections made of synthetic material premium to ensure their exposure to the elements. Each of them have different styles and forms, but all have in common quality, know-how and the team that exists behind Valencia Rattan. The indoor collection are Fado, Jazz and Dueto. They have the elegance, finesse and durability at the time as classical music. They are light and timeless pieces that will fit any style, always taking care of details and qualities of each.

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