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Valdichienti furniture conquers everyone with its chic and extravagance. The furniture factory began its production in 1968. The main direction is the development of unique upholstered furniture. The Valdichienti furniture factory produces upholstered chairs, poufs, sofas, armchairs, sofas and beds that match modern design styles.

The clear contours and minimal decor of Valdichienti furniture allow these items to be called laconic, but thanks to the bright colors, fashionable stitching and the excellent quality of shiny calfskin leather, they will certainly become the dominant items in any interior! The highest quality has been the main distinguishing feature of the products of the factory since the first days of its existence, and for more than forty years the enterprise has been holding a high standard.

Lights and sofas from the Italian factory Valdichienti are the perfect solution for a modern interior.

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