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Utu Soulful Lighting is a design brand based in Lisbon, Portugal, creating lights that enrich spaces with individuality and meaning. Utu's design inspirations come from all over the world but its product development is firmly rooted in local craftsmanship and expertise, resulting in an exuberant collection which combines uniqueness, style and functionality. Utu's products are all custom-made and offer significant scope for customisation, perfect for high-end design projects.

UTU Soulful Lighting likes the appeal of unique pieces made with traditional techniques. Their collection is born from the traditional crafts that have been perfected by Portuguese craftsmen: the work of lacquered metals and noble metals such as brass and copper and the work of glass, both with rich tradition in Portugal.

For each product UTU Soulful Lighting develops, the materials are carefully chosen and quality is closely controlled to assure the best finishing, resistance and durability. The numerous variations made possible by choosing different combinations of colours and materials to apply to each of the products result in a wide range of options.

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