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Unique Classic Trend was founded in 2009 and represents a continuation of the general direction of the Tosconova company as a whole, but taking into account the emerging new trends dictated by modern times. The Unique Classic Trend brand unites a series of models of upholstered furniture and beds with unique modern designs and materials. These developments are protected by numerous patents and represent an elegant balance of old and new lines and innovative technologies.

Unique Classic Trend company produces a wide range of furniture: sofas, chairs, beds, a lot of decorative elements, accessories. Everything is designed and manufactured with the necessary attention to detail and quality. The structure of the frame, the shape of the cushions, the proportions of the back and armrests are calculated in accordance with the human anatomical structure. Horizontal spring systems, special filling of pillows with latex materials and goose down, layers of different thicknesses, make the furniture very ergonomic.

Sophistication and delicate elegance simply ooze out of every model from the Unique Classic Trend brand, which adds uniqueness and luxury to every room. Ideality and perfection of forms, combined with the lightness that fills your interior, will form a unique style of your home.

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