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We’re thrilled to showcase dazzling designer furnishings brought to you by True Design. True Design is the brainchild of two Venetian brothers people brought up in the pursuit of modernity. For them “modern” is, first of all, going beyond fashion by overtaking those signs that too quickly change from innovative into conventional.

The True Design collections is characterized by the palette inspired by the shades of nature, which True mixes together to create colorful working environments and domestic workstations in public and private spaces. The collections combine functionality and comfort with a contemporary design and a great attention to details, materials and the chromatic palette.

True Design is Italian furniture manufacturer that always produces items, that always meet three criteria. The number one is originality. Second is usability that ensures that furniture doesn't just look good but has functions and features that make it an active part of the environment. The third is a comfort, especially when it comes to chairs, armchairs and seats. We're meeting with cases that sofas and armchairs are nice but not comfortable. This doesn't apply to True Design products.

True Design is committed to providing only the best and highest standard of authentic design products in the world, their brand is a true reflection of success with their own rich history, pioneering the trends of design and product technologies.

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