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News TRIBU: The refined tactility of outdoor fabrics

Over the past few years the indoors and outdoors have moved closer and closer together. This trend has only been able to develop thanks to a revolutionary innovation in outdoor fabrics. Interesting textures, beautiful saturated colors and color combinations are now integrated in fabrics that can withstand outdoor conditions: a minimal absorption of water and a resistence to mildew and loss of color to name a few. All essential features for a carefree outdoor use.

At Tribù the development of beautiful fabrics that accentuate the understated luxury we stand for, has been an important focus throughout the history of our company. The result is a large offering of over 132 different high quality fabrics that take their inspiration from nature. Many of them have beautiful neutral colors for creating a timeless base, others show more vibrant colors or have delicate textures in order to create decorative accents by the use of cushions or poufs.

New in the range are Tagikaand Taman. Tagika features an organic weave showing an intruiging gradiënt of colors. Very subtle and refined. Tagika on the other end has a more robust appearance,  with a weave that shows a more structural and graphic checkered pattern. Both of them a pleasure to touch and a delight to the eye.