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The Italian company Toscot was founded in 2001. The production of the factory is located in the picturesque suburb of Florence. Toscot manufactures ceramic luminaires. All products are handcrafted and, thanks to the use of natural materials, Toscot products are genuine works of art.

Toscot offers luminaire models that combine the Tuscan hand-sculpted tradition with décor ranging from classic to modern. Handcrafted items using high quality materials, with particular attention to versatility in use and harmonious function. The care given to décor and finishes enhances the artistic value of Toscot objects, and creative research into its implementation transforms objects into contemporary interior design solutions.

Toscot interior lamps are the choice of those who do not want to adhere to the established framework, who want to make their home truly beautiful and cozy, those who can appreciate the art of Tuscan masters, embodied in the form of stylish, graceful and always unique chandeliers, sconces and other lamps.

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