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In 1963, the Italian company Tosconova was founded in Tuscany. Over half a century, the family's craft workshop has grown into a world-renowned furniture factory producing excellent, high-quality furniture. The traditions of Tuscan furniture art are harmoniously combined with the latest design and technological advances. Tradition and modernity, art and research, combined with the creativity of Tosconova, provide us with a wide range of models filled with aesthetic value and excellent quality, which are able to satisfy the most demanding tastes.

Tosconova offers interesting ensembles for the living room and bedroom in classic and modern style. For their models, the designers of the factory use only the best materials, skillfully experimenting with finishing materials, colors and external forms. In addition, Tosconova offers an exquisite collection for “little princes and princesses”. The romantic atmosphere in the nursery creates in the child the idea of ​​the world as a safe and friendly place, promotes the development of imagination and creativity.

Each product is manufactured by the Tosconova factory in accordance with the human anatomical structure, calculating the structure of the frames, the shape of the pillows, the proportions of the backs and armrests. All products are high-tech. Horizontal spring systems, special filling of pillows with latex materials and goose down, layers of different thicknesses, make the furniture very ergonomic. Sofas, beds, armchairs and poufs are simply created to give comfort and bliss. Flawless, elegant, stylish lounge furniture from Tosconova is the perfect solution for your bedroom.

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