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The Tomasella Industria Mobili factory was founded in 1948. “Building on the past, looking to the future”, with this motto Luigi Tomasella founded a factory that stands out from the panorama of the Italian furniture market. Together with his children and grandchildren, he runs the company. Through its own sales network, the company is represented on the world markets of Europe, Asia and the USA.

The Tomasella factory produces a large number of bedroom models, mainly in the modern and high-tech style, not forgetting, of course, the classic style - the demand for classics is unchanged at all times. In addition, the assortment of the factory includes such popular furniture as multi-door wardrobes and walls. The factory produces furniture from chipboard and covers it with veneer on top, but it does it very efficiently, the furniture of this factory is really durable.

Today, the Tomasella Grupro concern unites 3 enterprises, which are divided into the following industries:

Tomasella (bedroom furniture sector);

Compas (specializing in the production of living room furniture);

Zanette (presents modern design bedroom and living room furniture).

The Tomasella Industria Mobili production site covers 100,000 m2. It produces furniture in both classic and modern style, both for living rooms and for bedrooms, using the latest modern technologies.

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