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Thai Natura is a company that design, produce and commercialize furniture and decorative items. The company policy is based on innovation, flexibility and client minded. The aim is to get an economic, social and environmental sustainable company. Company challenge is to get all creativity to work on quality design to be able to give the faster answer to the market demands. Company products are worldwide and they are appreciated by the most international prescriptors in all the continents either in residential as in contract.

Thai Natura make a very dynamic and multidisciplinary team with a productive capacity that makes possible the development and achievement of their clients requirements. Everything is born in the workshop of ideas, where a mixture of different professions can be found when needed such as architects, painters, illustrators, interior designers ... and from where creating fresh projects and with the believe that all kind of collaboration enrich to every part.

Thai Natura is focus on special and selected items for interior decoration: furniture, lighting, wall decoration, decorative items. Design and quality based on the latest trends so all your interior design will be unique.

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