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News Talenti: Argo, the outdoor collection by Palomba Serafini for Talenti between Aluminum and Accoya

Talenti, Argo collection

Versatile, multi-material and sensual: Talenti presents the new collection by Palomba Serafini


The Palomba Serafini style and the Talenti know-how are once again expressed together in a sofa with a strong personality, rich in refined details and designed to furnish outdoor spaces in the name of an ideal continuity of style between indoor and outdoor environments.The collection designs an environment in which different outdoor materials coexist in a free association of volumes and shapes that are neither too rigorous nor too organic. Argo offers a wide range of sofas and armchairs, tables and coffee tables that can be easily inserted into any space, because they are all designed to ensure maximum customization. Starting with the materials.


ARGO ALU is the version in aluminum and elastic straps of the previous ARGO WOOD, in which precious woods such as Accoya, ropes and innovative textures have been chosen to give each element a timeless elegance and a strong reference to the indoor world. With both classic and contemporary taste. The lines and geometries of the collection are in fact born from the intersection of different techniques and the Umbrian company's craftsmanship in mastering the processing of materials.


The Argo family brings together completely different languages and materials in a single collection, emphasizing the freedom and flexibility that distinguish Talenti's outdoor proposals. With a style and design that until now were the stylistic signature of indoor environments. The collection enhances the versatility of the Talenti company in "Italian know-how" and underlines the ability to select the different materials and to know how to assemble them effectively.


The name Argo is strongly inspired by the mythological wooden boat that led Jason and the Argonauts between the Greek islands, in search of the legendary golden fleece. The project develops the theme of the wooden box, with a clean, geometric and informal language.

To their project, Ludovica Serafini and Roberto Palomba decided to combine sled feet, so magically suspending its sculptural forms and the perfect harmony of its proportions. The collection is enriched with an enveloping interlacing volume and distinctive wooden feet that relate perfectly to the other elements of the line. 


Argo is a family of products made up of sofas, poufs, eclectic seating, tables and sunbeds with a contemporary impact. The shapes and the materials combine perfectly with a delicate range of colors such as beige, white, dark grey and ocean blue and help create a product that blends with its surroundings while retaining a strong and independent character.


Accoya timber

The protagonist of the Argo Collection is Accoya timber, the world’s leading high technology wood. Accoya is the result of over 75 years of research and development. Accoya has born from the need to make more stable and durable the wood used in direct contact with water and exposed to atmospheric agents. Accoya is created from sustainably sourced softwood and it undergoes a patented and non-toxic process known as "acetylation" that permanently modifies the wood at its core, increasing the dimensional stability and durability of the material.

The result is an environmentally friendly solid wood with specific features that matches and exceeds even the best tropical hardwood. Accoya has FSC certification, it means that is a sustainable wood and that has been harvested responsibly from well-managed forests that are continuously replenished. Accoya wood, not only comes from sustainable sources, but it has also top-notch environmental credentials such as the Gold Cradle to Cradle certification that rewards the reduction of waste, hazardous chemicals, more efficient uses of resources, energy efficiency and social responsibility of a brand.