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The Tacchini factory is a manufacturer of innovative furniture for the home in a modern style. 

The design is Italian, the rest is production. And in Italy, design companies bear the names of the families that founded the brands. Like Tacchini, created in 1967 by Antonio, when production, too, was almost entirely Italian, and the most poetic and soul-stirring passages in the story of design were written. 

Still today, in this family, the strength of the idea is central to every creative process, in a logical process of evolution, from the analysis of the idea to the three dimensions of the object, before ultimately becoming the essence of living. This ongoing process ensures a sense of connection with contemporary style, which is then further enhanced by the choice of quality materials and leading-edge technology, and always referencing an all-important tradition, so as to avoid the danger of confusing style with fleeting fashions and design with simple mass production. 

Tacchini is concretely committed to respecting the environment, as well as sustainable growth and intelligent consumption. The quality of the materials and manufacture ensures long product life, reducing energy consumption, air emissions and environmental impact at the end of their use. The company uses wood from controlled reforestation areas, uses mostly recyclable materials and reduces waste during production and packaging to a maximum.

Tacchini guarantees strict monitoring in every phase of the process, with staff involvement at all levels and satisfaction and transparency in dealings with suppliers and customers. Tacchini products are made in line with the most common and recent international standards in a safe and healthy work environment, using materials sourced within Italy or other European countries and patented technologies. 

The furniture of the Tacchini factory is created according to the sketches of designers: Pietro Arosio, Roberto Grossi, Monica Forster, Lievore Aitherr Molina, Person LIoyd, Chirstophe Pillet, Vicenta Garcia Jimenez, Claesson Koivisto Rune.

 Product categories: upholstered furniture, tables, chairs.

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