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Specimen is a contemporary design publishing house. Specimen was founded in Paris in 2010. The story begins with a Specimen favorite for a universe, an aesthetic, but also materials that amaze the senses: Savoie marble, glass, cork, carbon felt, smooth concrete or thousands of strips of paper assembled together ... Specimen place at the heart of its approach the meeting with a generation of designers booming, gallerists, collectors. Alongside limited editions, numbered and signed, Specimen furniture and edits designers in unlimited editions. These parts are made by artisans and small manufacturers, in France and in the European Union.

Specimen's design philosophy comes from the great Jean Cocteau, "To be tactfully daring means knowing how to push the limits without going too far." Daring to combine both a gallery and a contemporary, handcrafted furniture store under one roof. The tact to make design affordable thanks to unlimited productions and one of a kind gallery pieces. Daring to exhibit their collections in galleries and fairs all over the world, and to share their unusual approach to design. Daring to let their designer’s, Sylvain Rieu-Piquet, Guillaume Delvigne, Olivier Grégoire, Constance Guisset, and Nendo,tell stories, dreams, and poems through their furniture.

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