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Soher is a representation of beauty, quality and style. This company, founded by D. Vicente Simó Iborra in 1942, has been dedicated from the beginning, to the manufacture and design of bronze products and high-quality handmade furniture. Over the course of time, the main objective has been to combine tradition with the latest trends in order to create unique products full of character, charm and distinction.

Every piece of furniture is finished with a huge range of fascinating decorative items; elegant pieces of classic design, timeless handmade sculptures, artistic clocks and elegant bronze sculptures. With them, every corner of your home will exude prestige, elegance and uniqueness. Their particular decorative vision has converted Soher a dynamic and flourishing business, with a renowned presence in the main world markets.

It converts your home into a truly glamorous paradise. With a known mix of elegance, refinement and passion, Soher continuously strives to achieve a majestical environment through its huge range of fascinatingly decorative pieces of furniture, made by hand, using only products of the highest quality.

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