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A passion for design and the joy of living have been Softline's main inspirations since they started making designer furniture in 1979 in Denmark, and their new range reflects these values. Softline shall be a leading provider of innovative, functional and high-quality furniture for private homes and public spaces worldwide.

Based on unique design and technical innovation, Softline has developed a new collection of stylish, multifunctional furniture for modern homes and public environments. From modern sofas to day and sofa beds, footstools and furniture accessories Softline collaborates with some of the world's leading designers to create unique, modern and functional designer furniture for the modern home, office or commercial space.

Softline has become, over the years, a must-see international brand by finding the perfect combination between top-of-the-range design and functionality. The diversity of its furniture, in terms of materials, shapes or colors, has allowed it to update the trends of Scandinavian design and to be distributed today throughout the world.

Their geometric shapes will indeed allow you to customize, according to your desires, your interior or exterior decoration. Explore the new Softline collection and discover its outstanding quality, new and eco-friendly materials in inspiring colours, and innovative designs. Elegant, comfortable and functional designer furniture perfect for decorating homes and public spaces anywhere in the world.

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