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The furniture company Socci Anchise Mobili is located in Ponzacco (Pisa) in the center of Tuscany, rich in traditions of furniture art. The company has existed for about 50 years and successfully operates in the segment of exclusive furniture, presenting collections developed with careful market research to satisfy the taste of those who have a special subtlety of perception of harmonic details and a special attraction to harmonious lines. Socci Anchise Mobili offers stylish, interesting and functional solutions for the decoration of bedrooms, living rooms, offices, dining rooms and kitchens.

The masters of the Socci Anchise Mobili factory apply the latest technology, conducting multiple conformity checks at each stage of the production process. The absolute quality of Socci Anchise Mobili products is ensured by the use of high-quality materials such as valuable wood, elite textiles, genuine leather, marble, glass, semiprecious and precious stones, gold leaf. Finishing, exquisite woodcarving, inlaying and polishing is done manually by experienced masters of the factory.

The factory Socci Anchise Mobili is able to emphasize the value of their works to the maximum, so that each detail will give its beauty. Products offered by the factory Socci Anchise Mobili make an indelible impression on the guests of the house, being the pride of the owner.

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