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The SITAP factory has been a leader in the Italian market for the production and sale of modern carpets for many years.

SITAP closely monitors the development of the market and over the years has specialized in researching new materials, textures, colors and patterns to meet the needs of increasingly demanding customers, trying to stay ahead of changing tastes, fashions and trends.

SITAP's offer includes a wide range of products that combine the ideal value for money. Carpets differ in the type of treatment, material used and style. In the manufacture of carpets, not only special equipment is used, but also manual work. SITAP manufactures its products from various materials: wool, silk, linen, cotton, coconut fiber, sisal, bamboo, water hyacinth, viscose, acrylic and polypropylene fiber.

In the online SITAP catalogue you can choose a carpet to your liking. The style can vary depending on the needs: here you will find carpets of modern design, ethnic or strictly classical style.

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