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Operating in the field of classic furniture since 1961, Silik has always proposed superior collections of period furniture. It draws from the splendors of times gone by, bringing them back to life in modern interior design projects for atmospheres of unrivaled glamour, thanks to the skilful ability of the most expert craftsmen. The inspiration for each product, from voluptuous Baroque to ineffable Louis XVI, results in charming atmospheres in which comfort and elegance are deployed in a vast decorative range and evident in the precious traditional craft skills. Those skills go hand in hand with the most advanced production technology.

With the focus on flexibility, customization, and an even richer pallet of current finishes, fabrics, and decorations, Silik offers classic style furnishing solutions that are capable of molding any object to meet the most varied needs of its clients.

The Creazioni brand by Silik was born in 1997 and is the result of a desire to dress up past styles with a new modern and carefree look. Thanks to a strong inclination towards the innovation of its products, Creazioni, created by Cristina Gattei, CEO of Silik, has captured the attention of international markets in just a short time.

Hotels public areas, like ballrooms, lobbies, meeting rooms and corridors are the preferred destination of both Silik and Creazioni products, with chairs, sofas, armchairs, tables and also accessories like cabinets, shelves, mirrors, consoles, small tables. Chairs and armchairs are used in restaurants, clubs, conference rooms, cruise ships living areas and restaurants. Silik and Creazioni products also decorate fashion and jewels shops all over the world, giving a touch of personality to each contest. The quality system of the company is certified by the ISO 9001 standard.

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