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Seguso was founded on the island of Murano in Venice, Italy where Venetian glass has been made for centuries and where, consequently, Seguso has developed an artistic expression of their own through glass. The creation of Murano glass vases, Murano stemware, Murano goblets and Murano objects, rigorously handmade by Seguso glass maestros, the simplicity of the instruments, the heat of the glass furnaces, the magic of Venice... all of these evoke a deep feeling of antiquity, stimulating new identities: 23 generations of Murano glass heritage, the natural evolution of Seguso family history.

Whereas Seguso Viro and Seguso Vetri d’arte continue to produce artistic glassware, Seguso Interiors concentrates on illumination projects and interior decoration. Seguso Interiors is an exclusive collection of Murano glass lighting and Murano glass furniture. This collection by Seguso is dedicated to the art and production of furniture, lighting and interior accents with authentic Venetian glass techniques, and inspired by the rich creative heritage of Seguso glass, combined with a modern and innovative approach for the interiors of today. Contemporary, classical, traditional styles are available in Murano glass for all Seguso chandeliers, sconces and lamps.

Murano Glass Furniture: Murano glass tables, side tables and benches with a patented glass leg design that was invented by Pierpaolo Seguso. The legs of the furniture are enriched with luminous blown glass following the wisdom of Muraneese techniques treasured by Seguso. This collection of Murano glass furniture transfers the luxury and elegance of the palazzos of Venice with the unique magic of Seguso glass.

Architectural Accents: decorative projects made with the expertise of the Seguso glass factory and its wide production capabilities, where dimensions and new challenges do not represent a limit, creating decorative elements in glass, such as internal and external glass door handles and any other exclusive elements imaginable in the beauty of Murano glass.

Seguso is synonymous with Italian Murano glass tradition. Through the dedication of Seguso to Murano glass craftsmanship and the precious artisanal skills of Seguso glass masters, furnaces and factories on the island of Murano, Seguso has collaborated with designers worldwide in creating special pieces for royal families and the Vatican, as well as, some of the finest international private residences, hotels, restaurants, stores and theaters. Seguso has produced Murano glass projects for many international brands of luxury.

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