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One company Segis - three brands: Segis, Delight, Multipa. Everything started in 1983 with the Segis factory, which focuses on modern design (tables and chairs of all kinds are actively produced here). Segis, thanks to the managerial talents of its founder Franco Dominici, managed to find its place in the oversaturated Italian market in just a few years.

Segis products are positioned as "furniture for the demanding customer", ready to appreciate not only the external beauty, but also the corresponding technological improvements.

In 1999, the Delight by Segis contract furniture division was founded. Items made of solid wood not typical of the factory were also introduced into a separate sub-brand, Multipla. Sofas, armchairs and chairs from Segis are marked with the Green Home sign (issued by the Tuscan Association of Manufacturers of the Tuscan Region). This means that they have been specifically tested for environmental compatibility. The entire "life cycle" of things, from the choice of raw materials to possible recycling, is subject to control.

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