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Seduta d'Arte was founded in 2005 as a small company, but said earlier in the production of sofas and armchairs by setting guidelines for its success: building high quality products using the latest technology, and experience the love of craft always pursuing excellence in materials used and proposing innovative design lines. This success is also based in various range of models available in the most elegant and refined fabrics and leathers from the finest.

All branded products "Seduta d'Arte" are made exclusively in their factories having thus full control of every phase of production from the tanning of raw hides and padding the stem, cut and sewn, the assembly , packaging and finally shipment. All this takes place in full respect of the Environment and Safety in the workplace, in compliance with the most stringent national and EU regulations.

A product Seduta d'Arte, an exclusive product, with innovative design, made ​​with only quality materials and built with care by skilled hands.

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