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The history of the company began in 1976. Carlo Scandola, who worked in various carpentry workshops in the province of Verona for many years, decided to start his own business. It was his many years of experience and hard work that laid the foundation for the future factory.

The Scandola Mobili factory can be described with the following characteristics: craft value, natural wood and cleanliness of design. All furniture is made as if it is done for your own home. Scandola Mobili kitchens are made from simple and natural materials. The basis is a massive tree, which, according to the company's employees, is a guiding thread, an expression of past times, which they want to return to our modern world. It is a massive tree that unites all the collections of Scandola Mobili kitchen furniture. This material is ideal for its durability and strength, and its rich aroma and warmth are an integral part of all the kitchens of the Scandola Mobili factory. However, at the same time, traditional details and forms, which are the basis, are revised in a modern way. That is why Scandola Mobili’s kitchens are ideal for city apartments and country houses.

Today, the Scandola Mobili factory is located in the same village of Boskokiezaunova, but its scale is much more than before – the production of kitchens covers an area of ​​10 thousand square meters. The company, which has been successfully operating in the kitchen furniture market for more than 30 years, and today, with the same enthusiasm and passion, produces high-quality kitchens made from natural materials.

The main material used for the manufacture of kitchens factory Scandola Mobili – European spruce, which grows in the countries of Scandinavia. The company harvests wood exclusively in areas where tree planting is controlled. Thus, the material that is used to make kitchen furniture is 100% natural and healthy, has no harmful secretions and is not amenable to harmful treatments. A very important step, which guarantees the ecological value and naturalness of wood, is painting. Dyes that are used for painting wood are water based: they are completely non-toxic. An example of this is the fact that children's toys are painted with the same paint, and the factory workers themselves do not wear any protective respirators during the painting process.

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