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The SCAB Design factory was founded in 1957. The company owes its half-century history in the world market of industrial design to the ideological inspirer Francesco Battaglia and the talented Italian architect, leading creative director of SCAB Design - Louise Battaglia.

SCAB Design uses aluminium, chrome steel, wood, polyurethane, polypropylene, polycarbonate, natural and synthetic textiles, leather, glass and combines these materials in spectacular, fresh and modern duets. For example, models of light armchairs and chairs feature shockproof cases in transparent or coloured polycarbonate, while frames are made of beech in natural finish. Designers combine polycarbonate with the dense texture of wicker, azure or smooth glossy acrylic with chrome steel frames; polypropylene with natural fabrics of characteristic home or velour textures or with glass fibre. The exclusive SCAB Design factory concepts were developed in cooperation with the CATAS test laboratory and are protected by patents.

SCAB Design furniture makes each interior unique, very beautiful and original, while at the same time remaining practical, reliable and durable. A large variety of products can satisfy the wishes of even the most demanding customers, and full certification of SCAB Design products is a guarantee of quality and a source of pride for the factory.

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