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There would be no Gruppo Homes if there had been no San Michele. That is where the group’s roots lie, and where everything began at the end of the sixties. It is a story of craft values thriving amid the series of radical technology and industrial changes that have characterised the sector. Even today, the manual operations of decoration and finishing proceed alongside state-of-the-art information systems controlling all stages of manufacturing, assembly and packaging.

Classic design, strict attention to detail and choice of materials, modular designs and a common finish. But every piece in the San Michele collections is made to be totally functional, practical, and compatible with any spatial arrangement, to meet today’s demands.

The unusually light design frees space for work, play and relaxation through the use of sliding beds, raised storage units and writing surfaces supported by elegant metallic stays. Wardrobes, beds and storage units complete a design which gives the home an ambience of studied taste and informality.

The San Michele collections also give the pleasure that only furniture offering a strong aesthetic presence at a reasonable price can provide.

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