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Ronda Design was founded in 2009 as a design laboratory of the Ronda group and under the guidance of Marida Ronda becoming a recognized brand in the field of cutting-edge furniture accessories. It makes use of the collaboration of important designers, giving space to a selected group of emerging designers, and realizes furnishing elements using unconventional materials, such as steel, iron, glass and carbon fiber.

Ronda Design is a laboratory of design and product development with a mission: to make interiors more and more interesting, functional and livable, beginning with the home. It challenges conventional thinking in terms of shapes, materials, patterns and colors by playing with its own elements and creating technologically innovative, aesthetically unique and functional products to meet all kinds of requirements: beyond expectations, beyond contemporary experience and beyond all furnishing standards. With a deeply innovative and design-oriented soul, and thanks to a natural vocation to do international business, Ronda Design has pioneered a new approach to interior design in domestic settings, namely magnetic design. This entails a system in motion that can change, be revolutionised and enhanced according to the user's needs and preferences, with endless customisation possibilities.

Products for any setting, from the contract industry to the home Ronda Design offers much more than magnetic furnishings, it hosts novel ideas that combine design and technological advancement such as the textured, modular and original metal bookcases, or the storage solutions that afford unprecedented LED back-lighting, or even decorative solutions with original and customisable decorative prints, or even the multifunctional living room coffee tables and many other amazing ideas suitable for any room in the home or office. Ronda Design products go beyond expectations, beyond current experience, beyond the standards currently aspired to in the world of interior design.

Тhe Ronda Design Lab Magnetika Wine Bar, designed as an elegant, creative and flexible furnishing solution for public premises and home bars. This original and contemporary line of furnishings allows the designer and the homeowner the freedom of composition for bars, bistros, kitchens, cellars and entertaining spaces. The Magnetika system consists of wall panelling which can be fitted with shelves and accessories that are secured in place through sheer magnetic force. The Magnetika collection allows for personalisation by providing a broad range of accessories available in several finishes. The standard accessories available are numerous: different types of shelves, boxes, stemmed glass blades, L-shaped bottle racks, rectangular bottle racks, triple flute racks, etc. They are also available in several finishes, such as Oak, American walnut, metal, lacquered white or charcoal. All the components can be positioned easily and moved around quickly any time it is necessary, to create ever-new, functional looks.

Ronda Design teams the strengths of an industrial concern with specific craftsmanship skills to guarantee unwavering standards of quality, painstaking care for details and the utmost customisation of its products.

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