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The Italian company RODA (founded in 1990) produces outdoor / garden furniture. The concept of the factory is an internal garden, in which the boundaries between internal and external space are washed away, this is achieved by using only natural, calm colors, smooth lines and harmony of forms.

In the manufacture of models of the RODA factory, high-quality materials are used - marble, luxurious textiles, solid wood, metal. The main preferences of RODA designers are laconicism and sophistication of finishing. Calm colors are in harmony with nature. The RODA range also includes couches, tables, chairs, sofas, sun loungers and armchairs. Thanks to RODA, you can make the surrounding space more stylish, graceful and comfortable, choosing truly thoughtful solutions.

This is the right choice for everyone who is not indifferent to his life and the life of his loved ones, for everyone who knows exactly what he wants from life. Modern and effective RODA furniture is the choice of people who take care of both themselves and those around them, allowing their households, guests and acquaintances to feel great. Convenience and, once again, convenience - is the strong point of RODA furniture, and in combination with excellent quality, it becomes simply perfect.

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