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Today, Roberto Giovannini is a large factory where technological capabilities are combined with the virtues of handcrafting to create luxurious furniture and exclusive light, inheriting the ancient Florentine tradition - a timeless classic for beauty lovers that has been passed down from generation to generation.

The catalog of products of the Roberto Giovannini factory includes more than 1000 models. These are copies of candelabra of the 17th and 18th centuries with intricate carved elements in the form of classic curls, birds, fruits, flowers, animals. Mirrors come in a variety of sizes from 40 to 210 cm in height and from 30 to 170 cm in width. Tables are divided into coffee and dining tables. There are also many shapes and sizes here. Replicas from the time of Louis Philippe, with a carved garland at the base, from the Renaissance period of the late 16th century with massive legs on an octagonal base with a glass top. There is also a neoclassical table with a marble top, which depicts carved petals around the perimeter, tables with trays on the lower level, baroque tables with glass tops, tables on carved bases representing three dolphins, made of oak with foliage, reeds ... Among the items in the collection of upholstered furniture, one can distinguish an Egyptian-style sofa with lion legs, a leather chair with rivets from the times of Louis XIV, a Japanese chest of drawers with paintings. The choice of wall and floor consoles is also huge.

Buying Roberto Giovannini furniture you will not regret your choice for a second.

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