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Founded in the middle of the 19th century, Remy Garnier still maintains centuries-old traditions of handcrafted art casting and embossing. The main products of the brand are: cremona window latches (of different systems), door handles, covers and sockets for handles, keys, patch locks, hinge attachments, furniture handles.

Remy Garnier is nothing more than an original atelier that was created by Mr. Remy Garnier in the Bastille quarter. The Remy Garnier company is known for its bronze minting. The value of the product lies in the subtlety of the work on the unique ornamentation, hand-applied on bronze, and the exceptional character of the minting reminds us of haute couture. The entire technological process of manufacturing products is completely carried out in the company's own workshops in the heart of Paris, taking into account all the technical features.

The collections of the Remy Garnier factory numbers more than 5000 exclusive models and reflect all the beauty and uniqueness of the development of French history. In addition to its direct functions: close, open, pull, etc. - Remy Garnier models represent the "art of living". This art makes a unique masterpiece out of a prosaic subject that one wants to constantly contemplate. This is a world where the pleasure of beauty comes from the smallest details of the interior.

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