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Italian hardware for doors and windows REGUITTI has been produced since 1975 and is known all over the world. The company's products attract consumers with their excellent quality and excellent functionality. The use of modern equipment, the latest technologies and original design ideas in the production of Reguitti products provides excellent performance characteristics and gives them a unique look. Each element undergoes strict multi-stage quality control and meets all international standards.

REGUITTI door handles mean reliability and durability, resistance to intense loads, resistance to destructive physical and chemical processes, fire resistance (melt at temperatures above 900 °).

Products are made from high-strength metal alloys, in particular, from brass or ZAMAK alloy (ZAM: zinc, aluminum and copper). The metal surface is treated with several layers of special protective coatings that provide the handles with exceptional wear resistance. One of the manufacturer's advantages is the Antigerm antibacterial coating, which contains silver ions and a water-based varnish. The coating is made without the use of chemical solvents, which makes it environmentally friendly, hygienic and hypoallergenic.
Door handles with such a coating are perfectly protected from viruses, germs and bacteria and are quite suitable for installation in rooms with increased requirements for cleanliness. The catalog of our online store includes a large selection of REGUITTI door and window handle sets with PZ-plates and WC-clips ... Sufficiently laconic and quite universal design of the models allows them to be used in almost any interior.

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