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Quinti is an Italian artisan reality specialized in the production of armchairs, chairs, tables and accessories for the office, home and hospitality. Quinti chairs are born in the heart of Tuscany: history, art and everyday life are the result of the hard work of our people. The values ​​of tradition and of things done well can be found in our manufacturing, in our philosophy, in our sessions.

Each Quinti seat is made with artisan care and using top quality materials. All products are inspired by the concept of functional design, technical and aesthetic quality but also innovation, customization and respect for the environment. The pursuit of quality is not a goal, but the principle that inspires all our daily actions. From the selection of raw materials to processing methods, from management to delivery, every phase of our business is lived with commitment, professionalism and transparency, always putting the experience and tradition acquired over the years at the customer's service.

Quinti can boast the Vision ISO 9001 certification and 100% Original Italian Quality.

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