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Presotto is one of the divisions of the Presotto Industrie Mobili group, which has been manufacturing and exporting furniture worldwide for 50 years. Presotto is home to one of the most modern research and development centers for furniture production in Europe.

The factory develops design and produces a wide range of furniture items and accessories, with special attention to individual customer requests, both in terms of certain required sizes and in terms of aesthetic component.

The goal of Presotto is to embody the client's lifestyle, which evolves, develops over time, tastes change, fashion changes. Nothing is permanent, everything changes. But the philosophy of work of the Presotto company remains unchanged, for which high quality of services is the main principle, style of activity.

The products of the PRESOTTO ITALIA factory represent the optimal combination of technology and philosophy, rational and emotional beginning. Its creators are convinced that in the 21st century, in the world of avant-garde technologies, furniture cannot remain just an aesthetic value, beauty must be combined with functionality, and design with ergonomics. The PRESOTTO ITALIA factory produces stylish cabinet furniture for residential premises of any purpose. A huge variety of modules and their carefully thought-out functionality allows you to create an infinite number of compositions, limited only by the designer's imagination and ideas. PRESOTTO ITALIA furniture looks great not only in the living room, bedroom, study, nursery, but also in the kitchen and bathroom. The production uses natural wood, high-quality laminate, glass, steel, non-toxic varnishes and paints. In a variety of shapes, finishes, colors and details, everyone will find something to their liking

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