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Porro was founded in Brianza, the traditional birthplace of Italian quality furniture. Since 1925 the Porro family has run the firm in accordance with a furnishing vision that unites the craft traditions of the time with the state-of-the-art production and computer technologies of today. Clean lines, geometric shapes and functionality have enabled Porro to establish itself in the production of fine furniture.

Porro production covers almost all the rooms of the house, both for the living and for the sleeping area. Those who want luxury and essential style furniture must choose Porro. Wardrobes, beds, bookcases, tables and sofas are distinguished by elegant and clear shapes, but always coherent with each other. A style with features, that can be defined as “neutral”, an element that enhances the whole collection with a unique harmony. This allows integrating the furnishing objects into any type of environment.

The development of exclusive and unique technologies, some even patented, provide for a higher consistency and deeper value to each Porro furnishing unit. The brand at present too stands out for its product quality and customer service.

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