Pieter Adam

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Melting Paradise

Adding a tropical touch to your interior doesn’t have to mean adding an enormous leafy plant. With the Melting Paradise fromPIETER ADAM series you’re instantly transported to dreamy exotic beaches. Crafted from brass, the leaves and the Murano glass with gold leaf reflect the light beautifully. These super decorative statement pieces will certainly be eye-catching and creating a relaxed ambience in any interior. The sun will come out everywhere you put them.

Melting Paradise' lamps are available in four different sizes:

- Melting Paradise table lamp (Dimensions Ø 60 x H110 cm Itemnr PA 8910)

- Melting Paradise floor lamp (Dimensions:Ø 75 x H178 cm; Itemnr: PA 8911)

- Melting Paradise haning lamp (Dimensions 90 x 80 x H80 cm Itemnr PA 8912)

Melting Paradise floor lamp (Dimensions 90 x 80 x H237 cm Itemnr PA 8913)