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Pieter Adam is the international line of exclusive lighting by the Dutch company Lumière. Lumière is a family business and has been delivering classic and timeless lighting fixtures, furniture, and accessories for 50 years. High quality and traditional products made with care are developed and fabricated.

The Pieter Adam Collection is made of materials like gold, silver, marble, Murano glass, silk, leather and brass casted in sand are used for their superior quality. Perfection is paramount in the Pieter Adam Collection. From the silk chords and the metal housing for each fitting to the luxurious packaging of the items. A Pieter Adam piece is assembled with scrutiny and passion.

An alternative to the volatile, temporary and trendy mass production items available everywhere. Pieter Adam main focus is on quality and exclusivity with durability, craftsmanship and expertise. Every detail and every piece was carefully thought-out leaving nothing to chance.

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