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Peressini Casa is upholstered and cabinet furniture, as well as bar counters, wall and table lamps, candlesticks, garden furniture and various functional decor items (screens, chests, boxes, mirrors and vases). All modern trends in furniture fashion are taken into account in Peressini Casa products. Always modern, Peressini Casa furniture remains true to one tradition - high quality materials and professional workmanship.

In 1953, the head of the Peressini family, Giacomo, established a business for the production and sale of accessories, tables and chairs. Developing the company, his invaluable experience and love for this craft, the head of the family passed the enterprise over to his sons Michele and Marco. The sons patented the new brand Peressini Casa, which embodies the tradition of the family furniture business, the famous Italian style and modern design and production concepts.

Today Peressini Casa is one of the leaders in the world furniture and interior design market.

Furniture of the Italian factory Peressini Casa is an excellent combination of the latest technology and ultramodern style. Peressini Casa furniture will decorate your home, complement and emphasize the volume of space with the grace of its forms and refinement of lines.

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