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Oldfloor is an internationally renowned brand, that has consolidated its prestige by its undisputed quality of production of prestige hardwood floors. Old Floor Italy – a family company specialising in solid wood flooring. Their passion for wood and good craftsmanship can been seen at their products. The company's wooden floors are created from precious materials using new aesthetics and environmentally low-impact manufacturing processes and sustainably harvested timber, enabling its customers to install high-quality handcrafted hardwood floors.

The success of the company Oldfloor can be represented in the form of a formula with three components: tradition, respect and quality. The brand that combines these three values ​​already speaks volumes. Oldfloor combines the traditions and uniqueness of manual labor with innovation and technology to offer customers a durable floor covering of the highest quality. An ethical and social responsibility that translates into an entrepreneurial philosophy founded on the most rigorous standards of ecological sustainability. According to Greenpeace, Oldfloor is 6th in the Italian classification of products most aware of environmental impact and of the problems of reforestation. The exemplary attention to detail; the tireless search for new aesthetics; and the inestimable heritage of manufacturing know how, are the values that set Oldfloor apart and are symbolized by the marque with which proudly brands its products.

Wood is a surface ideal for interior design, as it meets some of the most important psychological and physiological needs of man. Its tone, softening gently, naturally, is pleasing to the eye, while its warmth is inviting to the touch, and its unmistakable aroma is always pleasant to the sense of smell. It is a material that combines these properties with excellent technical performance. But only a scrupulous process preserves and enhances all these characteristics. The Italian workshop Oldfloor is famous for the production of exclusive wooden floors. Parquet made of three layers of solid wood, is durable and durable. The top layer can be made of various valuable species (oak, European walnut, chestnut, European cherry, pear, acacia, teak, etc.). The thickness of this layer is 4.8 or 4 mm (depending on the type of parquet and the type of wood). The middle layer is made from conifers, and the bottom – from the same material as the top (precious woods). This ensures the quality characteristics of the parquet.

Throughout the process of transforming wood, Oldfloor takes care of the smallest detail, combining ancient manual techniques with the latest technology. From the careful selection of the oak logs, cut only during the most appropriate season, to the planks and then the drying, to achieving the handmade finish by skilled craftsmen, everything is checked to ensure the customer a product of high technical performance and sophisticated aesthetic effects. Тhe result of this long process is a quality product, which restores to the wooden floor all of the nobility and prestige of its tradition. A natural material, alive and warm, transformed by the skill of man into a unique, decorative solution for interior design, in the wake of one of the most fascinating traditions of Italian craftsmanship.

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