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Since 1990, Oikos has been producing armored doors in its factory in Gruaro (Venice). Oikos strives to control not only every stage, but every moment of production, and all work is carried out within the framework of the factory, which is divided into three main parts: mechanical and carpentry workshops, and an assembly workshop. At Oikos, this meticulous concern for quality is considered a prerequisite for success.

Oikos' unique manufacturing technologies allow for the implementation of those design solutions in which reliability and safety are in harmony with the aesthetic component. Oikos elite entrance doors are doors that correspond to the fourth class of armored doors. This means the ability to withstand burglary attempts, measured by static and dynamic loads and simulated burglary attempts with hand and power tools such as a hammer, chisel, ax, metal shears, electric drill, etc., for a maximum test time of duration 30 minutes.

Oikos understands the need for a harmonious combination of an entrance door and the building in which it will be installed, therefore, great attention is paid to personalizing products in such a way that it matches the style and idea of ​​the building as much as possible. The range of doors of the Oikos factory is so diverse that it will not be difficult for you to choose a steel door for both a private house and a public institution.

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